Amygdalin, is found in seventeen hundred fresh fruits and vegetables

iron deficiency

All of gut inflammation generally are deficient  you’d hear much talk about cobalamin deficiency; amygdalin, is found in seventeen hundred fresh fruits and vegetables yet not in an enzyme resistant form; and, because shikimic acid pathway is suppressed by high phosphate diet you get; impaired, homocysteine; such, remains as an extremely sharp shard like crystal; that, scours your blood vessels and is a great cause of arterno schlerostic plaque in your arory; and, so you can see

Neurological, health lead this researcher to have a deep insight in the brain/gut connection; and, is observed of neurodegenerative disease; blood, work generally shows extremely low levels of selenium glutathione peroxidase; B12 deficiency folate deficiency; B12 or cobalamin has cobalt in the middle of its corrin L.Salivarius; and L. Planetarium produce cobalamin for your whole body; yet, if you’ve got mesenteric organs vital you will have enough monatomic iron and no folate deficiency would be existed; so, from being a wretch; and blind; now you can see?  ~ Dr. David Jubb

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