Chris Cuomo totally Trumpified “but if you lied about it”

squirming Chris Cuomo been Trumpified

Trumpified news; Donald Trump has Trumpified Chris Cuomo brilliantly, I am not sure how much Donald Trump knew before he did this but its obvious to me now that he is setting up the worst of the news reporters to fall into the trap of there own words as they go nuts about a phone call decades ago where the biggest infraction would be lying that one impersonated themselves as there own publicists.

Listen as Chris Cuomo  becomes victim of his own narrow minded method of journalistic reporting.  Donald Trump has Chris Cuomo squirming in his chair practically in a fit whining “but if he lied about it” while Ben Carson (the best representative of calm minded approach in this election) trying to bring the conversation full circle around the fact that Crooked Hillary has lied about serious events such as Benghazi, email destruction etc. Rewind this piece a few time to really get how ridiculous Chris Cuomo’s reaction to this is and how quickly he dismisses the more serious matters brought up by Ben Carson.

See whats going on?  Donald Trump has the Crooked Media all lined up behind crooked Hillary squawking about insignificant event related to Trump so that when presumptive Republican party nominee Donald Trump begins to unleash on Crooked Hillary the “Cover-up” and lack of interest by these same reporters to hold crooked Hillary to the same standard on much more serious infractions will be blatantly obvious!

Donald Trump has done more for this country in the few months running for president than any president in the last 16 years.  He is foremost exposing the crooked media; also the “rigged” party system, and the fact that all of the world leaders involved in the “Globalization” of the world (really code word for Single world governance), are squawking just as loud has never happen before, is music to the ears of anyone wanting to get a bit of normalcy back to this country.

A song to sing as we continue the election process #Trumpified Trumpified by Scott Isbell remix for Donald Trump walk out at Rallies

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