Trumpified by Scott Isbell remix for Donald Trump walk out at Rallies

Donald Trump is causing the whole world to become #TRUMPIFIED

Heck I think this song Trumpified by .@ScottIsbell_ hits the mark and  will play well as part of the RNC “Rally”!!!


Very important phase of the election coming up as we move into the general election time to get the word out to all the young people out there that will be looking for a place to go when Bernie Sanders gets burnt by the Crooked Hillary group.  Great way to get there attention is with this amazing song, says it all been Trumpified.  Whole world is becoming #Trumpified never before have so many other government heads spoke out so loudly against a presidential candidate in the primary!  This alone is enough to make one see that Donald Trump is the right man for #POTUS and he will do all he can to bring the power back to the people and this great Nation.

Listen here and spread the world re-tweet this to all the #Trumpiteers get #Trumpified on the #Trumptrain

Check this version as well spread the word get the millennials motivated for the Primary!!!


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