German foreign minister criticizes Trump’s ‘America first’ foreign policy (He about to be Trumpified)

To know the meaning of #Trumpifed notice how the German Foreign Minister has a hard time hearing whats said then BOOM he is TRUMPIFIED

To understand better the meaning of #Trumpifed notice how the German Foreign Minister has a hard time hearing whats being said and then BOOM he is TRUMPIFIED (<—– Play song here) we cut to a scene where we see Frank sitting at the table with the most famous deal marker in the world. Coming to a summit near you soon!!!

Donald Trump  said it would be “America first” when he is elected president.

“I can only hope that the election campaign in the USA does not lack the perception of reality,”Frank-Walter_Steinmeier said 

Interesting how he goes to reality right away implication that #DonaldTrump is not realistic. Everything that Donald Trump has been saying seems very realistic to me.

Steinmeier also said that Trump’s speech was contradictory, with the Republican calling on the one hand for ‘America first’ but on the other hand urging the United States to withdraw from the world: “Those two things don’t seem to fit together very well to me,” he said.

What he is saying here is misrepresentation of what Donald Trump is saying. What I hear a President Trump saying is “America First” so all deals are on the table get ready for a lesson in “Lets Make A Deal” oh and by the way America interest will be protected not the oligarchy’s that has been running deals down the American throat for a long long time now.  Get ready  and you will see that #Trumpification has started and the whole word is preparing to be #Trumpified


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